January, 2011

The Percussionist and the DJ

Playing percussion with a DJ can be a very exciting, high energy and creative experience. With very few “rules” to adhere to, it provides an open canvas to explore new timbres and rhythms on traditional instruments in a very non-traditional format.

The DrumJockeys and Electronic Music

Often times the Musician and the DJ are like kids on the playground…some just don’t want to hang out and play nice with others! As a fan of electronic music (both listening and playing) I see the value of these two camps getting along and pushing each other, musically speaking. “DrumJockeys,” my duo with drummer Johnny Rabb, seeks to bring both of these worlds together in an interesting and entertaining way.

The Cajon: Your Friend

The Peruvian cajon is an amazing and extremely versatile instrument. In the past 10 years, it has hands-down become a “must-have” staple for any serious professional percussionist. Here I give a basic playing example with some variations to compliment any musical setting that you may have.

This Thing called Music…

Whether you’re a professional or just a fan, music affects us all in some way. Sometimes it’s a common bond, other times it’s uniquely individual to each one of us. What is it that draws you to music?

“There’s Always Somebody Better Than You!”

How hard are you working and/or pushing yourself to achieve your goals? Passion, integrity, and a strong work ethic are vital keys to opening the doors of opportunity in the world of music and life in general.

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