A Note about my Single, “Pfunky Chaca”

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First off, let’s get the logistics out of the way.  If you haven’t checked out the new music, what’s your problem?!?  Just kidding!  Please check it out in whatever form you’d like.  If you click up in the menu bar above this post on the “Music” category it takes you right to it.  Just scroll over the box under the picture and the controls will come up for your “audio pleasure.”  You can only listen to it here on the website.  If you’d like to actually have a copy of the song in MP3 format, that’s easy too!  Just go on over to www.noisetank.com/krusharmusik and there’s a FREE download.  All you have to do is enter your email address and zip code.  And of course if you’d like you could send me an email and I can get it to you that way, as well.

So what is “Pfunky Chaca?”  (pronounced “funky-chacka“)  Pfunky Chaca is the title of my first released single that will be featured on my upcoming EP entitled “Element.”  Quite simply, I’m producing an EP of original music that features the steel pan as the main instrument.  For more in-depth info on that, check out my blog here:  Element   When I began writing the song, it had a ‘funky’ vibe with a quirky drum loop.  As the parts began to come together more and more, it almost morphed into a cha-cha feel.  When trying to figure out a name, I didn’t want to use the term “cha-cha” so I incorporated something a little different.  I found out that the ‘chaca-chaca’ is an unusual type of catfish and thought that this would be perfect!  The groove is quirky and so is the melody, so as a result we now have the Funky Catfish (the Pfunky Chaca)!!!

Pfunky Chaca encompasses a lot of elements that characterize my music and the direction that I’m going in.  It incorporates elements of Jazz, Funk, and Electronica.  For years I’ve been experimenting with running effects through my steel pan and you’ll hear a bit of that on this single.  I’ve also “invented” and experimented with some different mallets for the steel pan, utilizing different textures to achieve a different sound on the instrument.  You’ll also hear some of that in this song, as well.  In fact the main melody is actually played with chopsticks.  The concept of playing with chopsticks is not unique; as other players have done a similar thing.  Some pan players have been known to use the opposite end of their mallets (with no rubber) to get that “stick” sound on the instrument.  The reason I like the chopsticks, is that it is not as harsh of a tone and not as bad on the instrument. The chopstick is much lighter and won’t knock the note out of tune easily.  As far as the other mallets, listen closely and I’ll have more information about those at a later date.

Another exciting component of this tune is the amazing cast of musicians that I have accompanying me.  World renowned drummer and great friend Johnny Rabb laid down the drum track for me.  In addition, I’m especially honored to have Luis Conte, legendary percussionist, play on this track!  Luis does an amazing timbale solo at the end of the tune throughout the outro.  On bass is my good friend and incredible player Jerry Navarro (who you’ll hear throughout the album), and on this particular track I have Damien Horne lending his vocal talents.  The original idea was to have some samples, like a DJ, going throughout the tune but the logistics of clearing the samples for use in a song can be a nightmare.  Therefore I leaned on Damien to come into the studio and give me some of my own samples to move around and augment much like a DJ would.  Last but certainly not least is the amazing Denny Jiosa, Grammy nominated engineer (and amazing guitarist as well) who mixed and mastered the tune.  It was quite a learning experience for me to sit with him and listen to my tune go from a muddled MP3 to a high quality sonic recording!!!

Pfunky Chaca is a completely original tune written by yours truly.  Its ‘beauty,’ in my opinion, is in its simplicity.  In a way, it’s almost an exercise in ‘how much can I do with just a couple of chords?’  To me, a song really needs to feel good in order to make it a really great track.  That’s what I was looking for in this one, and I’m proud of how it turned out (along with a little help from some really great players!).  I hope that this has piqued your interest and that you’ll be willing to check out the rest of my music when I get it finished!  Please stay tuned to KrusharMusik.com for updates and don’t forget to find and “like” KrusharMusik on Facebook.




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