Why Krushar?

The Derivation of “Krushar”

Some of you may be wondering, “why Krushar?”  What does it stand for?  When someone asks me about it, I’m often tempted to come up with some very interesting scenarios:

– I once was a professional wrestler with aspirations to become a professional musician upon retirement…

– I had a short stint as a “collections officer” for a small Brooklyn based operation that I can no longer talk about or even admit having knowledge of its existence…

– I’m actually a Super Hero with super human abilities…

Although this could be interesting fodder for conversation, none of the above answers (of course) are true.  However, interestingly enough the last one does have a bit of resonance to the derivation of my nickname.  It all begins in a zip code in a galaxy far, far away…

I once was a member of a band known as the ‘Super Action Heroes.’ This group consisted of myself, Johnny Rabb (drums), Jerry Navarro (Bass), and Sean Smith (Guitar).  As an eclectic group of musicians, we were constantly striving to blur the borders of music and try to push the boundaries as much as possible.  Our motto was simple: “Saving the World from Ordinary Music.”  Thankfully we weren’t delusional enough to think we were actually super heroes but it was a nice marketing brand and a fun concept to play with.

Perhaps as part of our made up ‘super hero’ persona, the name came about as happenstance.  Somewhere along the way, thanks to Johnny, the name “Krushar” began to stick. The connotation being that musically, I was constantly killin’ it and should therefore be named: the “Krushar.”  Without realizing it, I began to be introduced at shows and to other people as Krushar.  Like wildfire it spread and there’s even some people that only know me as this and probably would have a hard time recalling my real name!

As the idea came up for me to have my own website I decided to continue the use of this moniker in hopes of separating myself from the average percussionist out there. Although the band is not together anymore, the idea of “saving the world from ordinary music” is still a mantra that we all share. That’s precisely what I’m trying to do as an artist and musician.

So feel free to call me Krushar, Chris, or whatever strikes your fancy!!! Hopefully this folktale will clear things up a bit on who “Krushar” is. Thanks for stopping by the website and be sure to look around – there’s lots
to see and hear! If you’d like further information on the Super Action Heroes, I have MP3s scattered about on my site and you can also visit www.myspace.com/superactionheroes.

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  1. 09/01/2015 18:21

    Tony S.

    Hahaha. Good story. I thought it was because maybe when you started playing drums you were a thrasher before finding your current level of finesse and sophistication!

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