Gig “War” Stories Part Deux

A few more stories from the annals of Krushar gigdom… “Variety is the spice of life,” so they say. I’m glad that at least in the music business you always have to expect the unexpected. Life definitely isn’t boring!!!

Stylistic Elements of Calypso Music Part I

The beginning of a series of articles and more on the stylistic elements of what makes up calypso music. A lot of people can tell you the difference between a Mambo and a Bossa Nova, but most people cannot tell you the difference between calypso and reggae music. This series will explore many topics from the basic building blocks of the genre to discussing phrasing and interpretation.

Saying something by saying nothing…

The mark of a great percussionist or any musician is knowing when not to play. It’s about letting your ego take a back seat and allowing the music to command the moment. Simple concept, yet unbelievably hard to master.

Marketing 101 for Musicians

The first of what will most likely be many posts about some new and non-traditional marketing techniques for musicians. Even though marketing is a very important and vital key for anyone in the music industry, it’s often the last thing that we (musicians and artists) think about.

The “Working” Side Man… R.I.P.

Record companies are folding, our economy is in the tank, and the horizon seems bleak. However, just like anything else, there’s always a silver lining. In fact this flux in the industry is busting some doors pretty wide open for the independent artist and anyone with the desire and drive to succeed.

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