Developing Musical Instincts: Phrasing

The ultimate step in becoming a professional musician (or just taking your musicianship to the next level) is getting out of the practice room and immersing yourself into the music. Although physical practice is essential, practicing your listening skills (exercising your ears) is sometimes the most vital element of your growth as a musician and is ultimately a goal in which we should strive for…

The Art of Listening

Developing “Big Ears” is quite simply a matter of getting out of the “Me Zone” and into the “Groove Zone.” Although an elementary concept, even some professionals need to better their skills at the art of listening. Sometimes it’s what separates brilliance from mediocrity!

My Desert Island Discs and Other Recommendations

Listening to all types and genres of music should be a staple for any serious musician and really for anyone that is a true music lover. Here’s a listing of some of the most influential recordings for me personally and what I would want to have on my “Desert Island Shuffle” list.

Gig “War” Stories

A collection of good, bad, weird and funny things that have happened to me over the years at gigs. You’d be surprised at what some people say and do. I’m still shocked many times!

Does talking about your goals actually hurt you?

“The mind mistakes the talking for the doing.” (Derek Sivers) Are you like me and have a problem accomplishing some of the goals that you aspire to? It’s not that you’re lazy or lacking motivation; it just sometime seems difficult to get certain tasks accomplished. Explore this thought provoking idea of how sometimes discussing your goals to others may actually harm you…

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