Major Scales

Ahhh Yes –  our good friend, the Major Scale!  The ‘vanilla’ exercise of our musical journey…

It’s amazing to me how overlooked learning scales becomes for most people.  So many players that I come across say they want to get better at pan, yet they’re looking for that “red pill” that’s going to give them a quick fix into the world of virtuosic superiority on the instrument.  There is no red pill.  However, what will get you there is some hard work (a little elbow grease as it used to be called).  The ‘trick’ is that you need to learn your instrument completely – inside and out.  How can you possibly get there and still not know how to play in Db, E, F# or all those other tough keys you’ve been avoiding?

The following downloadable and printable PDF not only contains all 12 Major Scales (written out), but also provides practice and sticking suggestions to make navigating around the instrument a little easier.  Practicing and internalizing all 12 scales will not only build your confidence on the instrument, but will also increase your technical facility and make the instrument a bit less of an enigma.  Click on the link below and let’s practice!!

Major Scales for Circle of 5ths Lead Pan

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