Marketing 101 for Musicians

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I was in a discussion with someone today that does not have a facebook profile.  (Gasp!) What?  Is that even possible???  haha yep it still is possible.  She was asking me what the whole point of that and Twitter, and other social sites are.  Now, keep in mind, my wonderful and lovely girlfriend is a marketer.  She’s becoming immersed in this whole social media marketing world and sends me articles and is constantly hipping me to new websites to check out.  Heck, she’s only been on Twitter for a couple of weeks and already has more people following her than me, and I’ve been on there for months!  So just like a Pavlovian dog, I immediately began spewing facts and statistics to this poor lady that had only asked me the simple question “what’s the point?”

Really – what is the point?  Some of you may have already stopped reading as you perhaps came to my site just to learn about percussion or steel pans…apparently you’ve stumbled upon some random marketer’s website?  Honestly, I got distracted by an email right before I logged in to write today’s blog.  It was a forward of another blog written by a guy named Jeff Bullas.  The article caught my eye, because it is entitled: “How Social Media Took A Musician From Obscurity To Fame And Fortune.” Hence, my real point of why I’m  bringing up this subject today.

I’ve briefly mentioned in a few blogs so far the importance of social media to musicians.  I even went so far as to say that social media is truly a “new and fully undiscovered frontier” for marketing ourselves.  75% of my blogs and what I’m about, as a teacher, is to try and motivate everyone to hone their craft as much as possible.  It’s important first and foremost to become the best musician that you can be.  After all, if you are going to market yourself, you have to have something that people feel is worthy to “buy or consume.” However, once you can get yourself to this point, you have to market yourself somehow, some way.  Period.  No doubt about it.

One of the best ways to truly get your most “bang for the buck” out of social media is to have something go “viral.”  For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, this simply means that a video, or song, maybe a blog, or article gets rapidly spread around the internet.  YouTube is generally the best chance for this (although not the only option).  One person posts your video, then 10 of their friends repost, then 10 of each of their friends repost, and so on.  Suddenly that little video that you just made of you singing has reached hundreds maybe thousands or even millions of people worldwide.  Here’s the deal though; you can’t make something go viral.  There’s sometimes no rhyme or reason why some videos go viral.  However, in the case that Jeff Bullas pointed out in his blog that I mentioned earlier, this happened for a musician/comedian.  Suddenly people were passing around his videos and next thing he knew he was a “hit!”

I wish that I was writing this blog after the fact…after something had went ‘viral’ for me.  Yet, I’m in the same boat as probably 99% of you reading this.  We’re all looking for something more.  You don’t even have to be a musician to appreciate the point of this whole blog.  Here’s the kicker though – you have to at least show up for the race to participate.  So many musician friends that I know either blow off these opportunities or don’t begin to take advantage of what’s out there.  Jeff asks at the end of his blog “What content are you creating that’s worth ‘passing around?’  Some of you have been trying like crazy; most of you probably don’t even have a video up anywhere on the internet.  I know that it’s scary to post a video on YouTube for the whole world to see.  But if you truly have something to offer and people can be attracted to your passion for your art, there’s nothing to lose!  So, let me pose the same question – “What are you creating?”

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