Check out the previews of the six songs from “Element.”  

Chris_Album_Cover_final copyAll songs are written, produced, and arranged by Chris “Krushar” Patterson.  
Mixed and Mastered by Denny Jiosa at Jazzcat Studios Nashville, TN. 
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Thanks for listening – Enjoy!!!
**Click on Bottom Right of picture to listen** Title track from the upcoming EP "Element."


Title track from the EP “Element.” This tune showcases the use of effects on Steel Pan and evokes a “soundtrack” quality from another world. Chris Patterson – Pans, Percussion, Drums, Programming, Jerry Navarro – Bass, Jon-Paul Frappiere – Trumpet, Chris West – Saxophones

**Click on Bottom Right of picture to listen** New track off the upcoming EP "Element" feat. Derico Watson on Drums

Go With the Flow

Dancehall/Reggae influenced tune from “Element” the EP. Chris Patterson – Pans, Percussion, Programming, Derico Watson – Drums, Jerry Navarro – Bass

**Click on Bottom Right of picture to listen** This is "Planet Pan" from the upcoming EP "Element."

Planet Pan

Showcases different textures on steel pan and has some electronica influences. Chris Patterson – Pans, Percussion, Programming, Jerry Navarro – Bass, Chris West – Saxophones, Jon-Paul Frappiere – Trumpet, Darren Dyke – Steel Pan Tuning Samples

**Click on Bottom Right of photo to listen** This is my first released single off the upcoming EP "Element."   You can download it FREE on Noisetrade

Pfunky Chaca

First single released in 2012, set to be released on the upcoming EP entitled “Element.” feat. Luis Conte – Percussion, Johnny Rabb – Drums, Jerry Navarro – Bass, Damien Horne – Vocals and Chris Patterson – Steel Pan/Programming.

**Click on Bottom Right of picture to listen** Full version of "Like Dey Used to..." Re-mixed to mingle the old sound with a new sound.

Like Dey Used to…

This song was originally written to showcase my old pan. I decided to record this version to mix the old sound with the new. The intro is a replication of a killer groove at the beginning of Lord Kitchener’s Calypso “The Road.” Chris Patterson – Pans, Drums, Percussion, programming, Jerry Navarro – Bass, Denny Jiosa – Ukelele

**Click on Bottom Right of picture to listen** For a video version, check out the Old Pan clip on my videos page...

Like Dey Used to…(Old Radio Mix)

Bonus track from “Element” the EP. ‘Re-mixed’ to sound like it would on an old radio or victrola. Chris Patterson – Pan, Percussion, Piano, Jerry Navarro – Upright Bass