There’s goals, and then there’s GOALS!

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I poured myself a cup of coffee today and began to walk toward my destination, which was another room about 50 feet away. After just a couple of steps, I realized that I had filled the cup too full and hot coffee was spilling over onto the floor and (even worse) onto my hands. Each step that I took became a painful reminder that I had put too much in my cup. Fortunately, an old lesson that I had learned at some point in my life came to the front of my mind. I remembered that if I look up and straight ahead toward the end of the hallway and not down at my cup, it wouldn’t spill. Voila!! It worked! I walked the rest of the way to my destination and didn’t spill another drop.

Then it dawned on me: what a perfect metaphor for so many things in life. Often times we get bogged down with the little things and lose focus on the end-goal of whatever it is that we are working on or have aspirations to accomplish. Filling the cup too full is something that we do quite often. This could be trying to do too much, saying “yes” to everyone or to everything that is asked of us, not utilizing our time efficiently, or essentially bogging down our workload with unnecessary extra baggage.

The same is true in music, too. What’s your goal? What are your aspirations? Are you doing the right things to get to the end goal? Is your eye on the end of the road or are you too distracted with all the little things? Try to streamline your practice time to make sure that you’re using the most of it. If you don’t have a goal – make one! Make a big, absurd, outlandish goal and figure out a way to get there!!! And make sure that your focus is on that goal and not all the distractions along the way.

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