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Steelpan Lessons: Just Play!!!

Sometimes the best lessons that we learn are the simplest! “Just Play” was the first and probably most important real-world application that I ever received regarding the instrument. This is the first of an ongoing series of lessons on playing the steelpan, utilizing not exclusively exercises, but many other concepts on ultimately making you a better MUSICIAN!

Networking and “Working” Gigs Part 2

Networking is mostly about a relationship. “Working” a gig – whether you are a band leader or side man is about being a professional. Ultimately, both concepts interact in harmony and are inextricably interwoven together into this whole “gigging” process.

Networking and “Working” Gigs Part 1

Getting work as a musician can be a really tough task. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts or some sort of a “Holy Grail of Gigs” to find, but most of the time a little patience and persistence can pay off big time down the road.