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The DrumJockeys and Electronic Music

Often times the Musician and the DJ are like kids on the playground…some just don’t want to hang out and play nice with others! As a fan of electronic music (both listening and playing) I see the value of these two camps getting along and pushing each other, musically speaking. “DrumJockeys,” my duo with drummer Johnny Rabb, seeks to bring both of these worlds together in an interesting and entertaining way.

The Relationship of the Drummer and Percussionist

As a percussionist, playing with a drummer in a band can be a fun, challenging, and musically rewarding experience. This, of course, is dependent on the notion that both sides correctly understand not only their own roles in the music, but the other’s as well. The following five “rules” will help any percussionist to better understand how to listen, groove, and augment the music that they are playing.

Musical Benefits of the “Freehand Technique” a.k.a. the One-Handed Roll

The “Freehand Technique” (a.k.a. the “One-Handed Roll”): Utilizing the rim of the drum as your fulcrum, enabling you to play complex rhythms with one hand, opening up a completely new world of possibilities both rhythmically and musically. Not only did I learn the technique for myself, but I learned that it is a very teachable technique and is really a viable tool that every drummer/percussionist should have in his arsenal.