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Steelpan Lessons: Just Play!!!

Sometimes the best lessons that we learn are the simplest! “Just Play” was the first and probably most important real-world application that I ever received regarding the instrument. This is the first of an ongoing series of lessons on playing the steelpan, utilizing not exclusively exercises, but many other concepts on ultimately making you a better MUSICIAN!

Gig “War” Stories Part Deux

A few more stories from the annals of Krushar gigdom… “Variety is the spice of life,” so they say. I’m glad that at least in the music business you always have to expect the unexpected. Life definitely isn’t boring!!!

Gig “War” Stories

A collection of good, bad, weird and funny things that have happened to me over the years at gigs. You’d be surprised at what some people say and do. I’m still shocked many times!

Unusual paces, and unusual spaces…How and where do YOU practice?

Whether its practicing on the toilet, in front of the TV, or tapping on your leg, all percussionists have the blessing (or curse???) of being able to “perfect their craft” anywhere in any situation. Sometimes it’s conscious, many times subconscious. Sometimes it’s welcomed, other times not! What are some unusual practice habits of yours?

Calypso Music

What are some of the most influential recordings available of early Calypso music? Some of these are an integral necessity to anyone that wants to become a better pan player or even just a calypso aficionado!