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The Art of Listening

Developing “Big Ears” is quite simply a matter of getting out of the “Me Zone” and into the “Groove Zone.” Although an elementary concept, even some professionals need to better their skills at the art of listening. Sometimes it’s what separates brilliance from mediocrity!

The P.O.P. Approach to being a Well-Rounded Musician

What truly makes someone a well-rounded musician? Is it more practice time? Consider the P.O.P. Principle and its hypothesis of combining three very elementary concepts to create a unified harmony that will take your musicianship to a whole new level.

Thinking/Playing Music “Outside the Box”

Some like to describe themselves or their music as being “outside the box.” Should this title be worn as a badge of honor, or is it something to shy away from? Ironically, being outside the box usually only happens after spending a whole lot of time inside the box.

Unusual paces, and unusual spaces…How and where do YOU practice?

Whether its practicing on the toilet, in front of the TV, or tapping on your leg, all percussionists have the blessing (or curse???) of being able to “perfect their craft” anywhere in any situation. Sometimes it’s conscious, many times subconscious. Sometimes it’s welcomed, other times not! What are some unusual practice habits of yours?

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